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Intelligent Supplies An Overview.

Intelligent Supplies is a global procurement and supply chain solution, with the added functionality of a global surplus asset remarketing service.

A professional partner for buyers and sellers of heavy industrial equipment, parts and services. 

Our aim is to provide added value and complement our client’s existing infrastructure to increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

The IS team has previous experience supplying multiple industries with services, from simple one-time purchases and deliveries to entire project procurement assignments. From liquidating a single-engine to entire remote camps.

Industries Served.

Mining Operations - Marine Construction - Humanitarian & Governments - Construction - Agricultural Projects - Railway Construction - To name a few...

We Supply Globally.

Specializing in Exports from Europe to the developing world ISTS have experience sending equipment and services to the following countries.


Egypt - Senegal - Mali - Sierra Leone - Liberia - Ivory Coast - Burkina Faso - Nigeria - Congo - Namibia - South Africa - Zambia - Tanzania - Kenya - Somalia - Sudan.

Middle East.

UAE - Oman


Australia - Papua New Guinea - New Zealand - Malaysia.

North & South America.

USA - Columbia - Peru - Alaska - The Falkland Islands.

How We Work.

With existing relationships with some of Europe’s largest suppliers of equipment, Intelligent Supplies can offer time and money savings on most project requirements.

Reliability is key, delivering responsive and efficient services to our clients in the varied industries we serve. We pride ourselves on being a cost-effective solution to your supply requirements.

Key Benefits of our Services;

Clients deal with one supplier & one invoice All suppliers are vetted by Intelligent Supplies Reduced procurement expenditure
Global trusted logistics solutions Established supplier relationships

All our on-hand stock is carefully inspected, serviced and documented upon purchase ensuring everything we offer has been approved and signed off for resale.

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Our Current Stock On Hand.